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Welcome everyone!   The new ABS website is now online.    Don’t miss out on this new and exciting treatment.  Contact us today.


  1. Dora Marshall on December 11, 2013 at 9:22 am said:

    I’m really impressed with the results of my treatments. I had a heavy chin that had sagged in the last few years and 7 treatments took away the extra fat, tightened the skin and smoothed the creases in my neck. Also helped smooth between my eyebrows. I’ll be back to try other treatments. Lori made me feel very relaxed.

  2. I was extremely pleased with everything about my experience with the ultrasonic cavitation. I had been debating about pursuing liposuction but these treatments have helped to balance out my figure and reduce appearance of cellulite on my “backside” area. I’ve had 7 sessions and have lost 2 pants sizes and had tons of people ask what i’ve been doing to lose weight! Lori was extremely friendly and professional and I have recommended this to all of my friends. Thanks so much!

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