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Acoustic Body Sculpting specializes in cutting-edge Ultrasound Cavitation and Radio Frequency technology.  Our state-of-the-art equipment combines these therapies which, in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, have been proven to remove fat deposits, smooth cellulite, and tighten and tone the skin. We work with you to make your body shape dreams a reality!

This treatment works simply, safely and painlessly.  Ultrasound Cavitation has been widely praised as an alternative to liposuction, with virtually no side effects, no surgery, and no down time.  In a nutshell, high powered, low-frequency sound waves are focused on the layer of fat just below the skin (1.5 cm). The sound waves target and disrupt the fat cells only, causing them to break apart and the cell membranes to rupture. RF is then applied, which uses radio frequency waves to oscillate the cells and generate heat inside the body.  The RF process aids in the breaking up of fat caused by the Cavitation, and also stimulates cells to produce collagen and tighten, creating smoother, toned skin.  Sometimes a vacuum is used to further loosen the manipulated fat.  Starting immediately, your body’s lymph system begins to flush out the fat, metabolizing it just as it would a fatty meal.  This process is aided by a low-calorie diet, plentiful water intake, and regular exercise. To learn more about Ultrasound Cavitation and RF, see our FAQ’s.

As a provider of Diagnostic Ultrasound for over 35 years, ABS’ founder Larry Horton is no stranger to the amazing properties of sound waves. He watched the imaging technology develop from a simple white dot, to increasing shades of grey that signified different densities of tissue, revolutionizing medicine at the time.  Today Sonography provides an exquisite window into the body which allows modern practitioners to evaluate the heart, diagnose life-threatening problems, or view an amazing 3-d image of an unborn child.   When Ultrasound Cavitation technology for fat removal was developed, Larry was enthralled with this new use for Ultrasound.  He followed its progress and conducted successful trials.  Today he is thrilled to be able to offer this treatment to the public in his clinic.

ABS has two locations in Northwest Arkansas:  the original ABS clinic in Harrison, and our first expansion in Fayetteville at the Bodhi Tree Salon and Spa.

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Ultrasonic Cavitation On FOX News

Dr. Oz Discusses Ultrasonic Cavitation


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