Acoustic Body Sculpting

Body Contouring with the Power of Ultrasound

ABS uses focused ultrasound waves and radio frequency to safely destroy fat, diminish cellulite and stretch marks, tone and tighten skin!
Scientifically proven with no side effects, no surgery, no down time, and a fraction of the cost of comparable treatments.
We can treat almost any area of concern and tailor a treatment plan just for you!  Read more about our safe, painless, and revolutionary treatments to renew the face, slim the body, flush the lymph system, and relax the whole body.

“Thanks ABS for melting 3+ inches off my waist alone!”
-M, Harrison
“I’m really impressed with the results of my treatments. I had a heavy chin that had sagged in the last few years and 7 treatments took away the extra fat, tightened the skin and smoothed the creases in my neck. Also helped smooth between my eyebrows. I’ll be back to try other treatments. Lori made me feel very relaxed.”
- Dora Marshall
“I have been very pleased! Professional atmosphere, and courteous Staff. I would highly recommend!!!”
-Bonnie Smith
” I really enjoyed my sessions with ABS. In a few sessions it greatly reduced the visibility of stretch marks and I lost an inch off my waist.”
-Beth L, Fayetteville


Ultrasound Cavitation/Radio Frequency for Slimming and Skin Tightening

Firming and Smoothing Facial Treatment

Lymphatic Flush

Therapeutic Heat Treatment


Acoustic Body Sculpting

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Acoustic Body Sculpting II

@ the Bodhi Tree Salon and Spa

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